Sunday, 25 October 2009

10 Reasons To Save Windmill Hill City Farm

1. When the shop's functioning it sells the best pork in the West (sorry Rosie).
2. The farm nursery has apple trees in the garden, chickens for neighbours and a playground in a wood.
3. More than a hundred people with mental health problems volunteer at the farm or use it as a place of refuge.
4. Many others learn ICT skills at the farm's Computing Centre.

5. Local children know more than most about the realities of food production. They know who lays the eggs and where the sausages come from.
6. Where else can you have a sandwich and a cup of tea and watch ducks waddling about a farmyard?
7. Getting pecked by a chicken is surely a vital rite of passage for any toddler.

8. Everyone is welcome.
9. The adventure playground gives older children a chance to let off steam. And there's always a sympathetic adult to talk to.
10. Don't forget the farm's services for older people, adult education classes, the much sought-after allotments, Rosie the pig, a second chance for numerous people who had a rough childhood, the collective memory of every child raised in south Bristol...

Right now the farm is in a bit of a pickle, finance-wise. If you want to help, pledge £25 here before 31 October. More info on the farm itself here.

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