Friday, 11 June 2010

Discovering Harbourside: the Walk of the Book

The other day Stephen Morris and I took a group of 40 people on a Discovering Harbourside walk from Stanfords bookshop on Corn Street in Bristol, and it went pretty well, I think. At least it didn't rain, nobody got run over and we got a sneak preview of the giant World Cup-ovision in Queen Square.

I forgot to read out my favourite nautical quote, which is by Dr Johnson and is on the subject of crimping - the ancient practice of encouraging drunken sailors to rack up a huge bar debt then offering them the choice of joining a ship or suffering some worse fate:

"No man will be a sailor who has continence enough to get himself into a jail, for being in a ship is being in jail with the chance of being drowned. A man in jail has more room, better food and commonly better company."

Quoted on p65 of Discovering Harbourside, out now from Redcliffe Press.

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