Saturday, 22 February 2014

Artists' Textiles in Bermondsey

Popped into the Fashion and Textile Museum in the old warehouse district that is apparently now known as Bermondsey Village... Fascinating to see how Dali, Picasso and co were marketed to the fashion-conscious, and intriguing how many post-war British artists became involved - although my favourite pieces were the few pre-war block-printed textiles in the first room. There's a nice intro to the exhibition here, with much better photos. Rather less women artists than men, but the other way round I think with the dress designs.

Not many artists could turn a scribbled date into a commercial design.... Viva Picasso!

Salvador Dali a textile designer? 

Produce books like this and who'd want a plastic one?

Wonderful designs from the 1930s

Even Cubists have to earn a crust - this fabric is by Georges Braque

Fun to see designs (by Warhol) 'on the wall' and in frock form... 

I love this photo of Andy Warhol - not only sulky, but young too. Not unlike Julian Assange.

An intriguing take on Paddington Station in simpler times, courtesy of Saul Steinberg, 1952

Steinberg again, with cowboys

And again, with apologies to Picasso?

Fabulous John Piper design...

And a close-up... but did people make dresses out of this? And if so, who wore them?

Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol is at the Fashion and Textile Museum, 83 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey, London, until 17th May 2014 .


Living to work - working to live said...

Oh my - I must get there to see this. Thanks so much for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me about this

James Russell said...

Thanks for your comments - I thoroughly recommend the show, and a visit to 'Bermondsey Village' is definitely worthwhile too!

Jane Housham said...

Such lovely period pieces. Thanks for great glimpses.

Unknown said...

Raoul Dufy made hundreds of stunning textile designs not only for Paul Poiret but also for Bianchini Ferier in Lyon some directly printed from woodcuts. I have a piece of Ravilious toile based on the Garden design printed by Edinburgh Weavers.

James Russell said...

Thanks - the Garden design fabric is lovely, lucky you!

James Russell said...

I mean, thanks Ian - they have several examples of Dufy's designs in the exhibition and they're beautiful.

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