Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Victory Flag!

Jasper Johns, Flag, 1954/55, Encaustic, oil, and collage on fabric mounted on plywood, MOMA (artist's copyright)
Early last year President Obama presented Jasper Johns with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honour in the United States.

'It has been noted that Jasper Johns’ work, playing off familiar images, has transfixed people around the world,' said Obama at the White House ceremony. 'Like great artists before him, Jasper Johns pushed the boundaries of what art could be and challenged others to test their own assumptions. He didn’t do it for fame, he didn’t do it for success—although he earned both.'

It's difficult to imagine either the previous incumbent or this year's Republican contender speaking with such eloquence and enthusiasm about a modern painter.


  1. Where did you find this flag image? I don't believe it was painted by Johns, and definitely not in the time frame stated (too many stars).

  2. Well spotted! I blame human error... now amended.