Sunday, 4 September 2016

'Century' at Jerwood: Gerald Laing

Gerald Laing, Panoply, 1964-9, Ingram Collection (copyright artist estate)

A British artist who moved to New York in 1964, Laing embraced the big scale and glamour of American Pop art. Thrilled by the energy and excitement of modern life, he painted movie stars, skydivers, drag racers and astronauts. Here, we see two sides of the astronaut’s experience, on one hand the silent world of space represented by the repeated image of a floating figure, and on the other the rocket’s violent flaming energy.

Gerald Laing is one of 100 modern British artists to be featured in 'Century' at Jerwood Gallery, Hastings. Laing is also the subject of an exciting retrospective show at the Fine Art Society, London, which begins on 19 September.

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  1. A suit of armour for the space age! Really looking forward to seeing both shows.