Monday, 26 August 2013

Mendocino, California

New England meets the Wild West on the California coast....

'East of Eden' was partly filmed here

After the spring floods the beaches are piled with driftwood. Sea cold but no worse than West Wales

Fogbank in the distance, but sunshine here

I wonder who carved this coastal totem...


Roots art centre, gallery and garden extraordinaire

Succulents love this climate

The first European settlers here were from New England

Weathervanes galore....

The fog rolls in...

Some photos by Dayna Stevens.


  1. Since 1975 I've loved Kate McGarrigle's song Talk to Me of Mendocino - and now I know just what Mendocino is like. Thanks, James.

  2. Thanks Neil - I don't think it normally looks quite so sunny, more often grey and foggy!