Friday, 4 October 2013

Art on the Hill: Art Trail Fun in Bristol

Very excited to be part of the 7th annual Art on the Hill art trail in lovely Windmill Hill. Do come along if you're in Bristol this weekend. Lots of wonderful art to enjoy, obviously, plus you get to see inside people's houses. If you've got kids/other halves who aren't interested you can leave them to amuse themselves in Victoria Park, have a cup of tea at Mrs Brown's Cafe, or go to the pub. Nowhere is more than ten minutes' walk from anywhere else, so you can slow down, relax and generally take it easy.

The sun might even shine.

We're at Venue 26, with paintings and collage by Dayna Stevens, drawings by Charlotte Murray and books by me. I have all the 'Ravilious in Pictures' titles and 'Ravilious: Submarine', plus 'Paul Nash in Pictures'. Come and say hello!

FFI: Art on the Hill

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