Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Paul & John Nash Reunited in 2014 Exhibition

John Nash, The Cornfield, 1918/19 (Tate/artist's estate)
Exciting things are happening at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol, where Alison Bevan recently took over as Director. I met her for the first time the other day and she seems exactly the right person to put the RWA on the map.

After the success of its Ravilious show a couple of years ago the venerable institution is pressing ahead with plans for an exhibition of work by Paul Nash and his brother John. Probably titled 'Brothers in Art', it will form part of a wider exhibition exploring the way artists cope with the memory of war. Anyone who is already suffering from 1914 overload will be pleased to know that this is NOT an exhibition of war paintings, but focuses instead on the brothers' landscape paintings, most of them created after the war.

For an art-loving public deprived for too long of John Nash's work - his last significant exhibition was when? - there are well-known treats in store, notably 'The Cornfield'. But curator Gemma Brace has also dug up some rarities by both artists, making this a show no fan of either artist will want to miss.

The show opens on July 19 - info on the RWA website.
And for the back story on the brothers' lives before and during the Great War, have a read of this.

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