Monday, 5 May 2014

Red Lodge

Don Quixote de Bristol?
Fleeing the crowds in Park Street yesterday (they'd come to see Luke Jerram's fabulous Park and Slide), we ducked into Red Lodge, the Tudor house on the hill above Colston Hall. As ever, the house was cool, calm and full of surprises, my favourite things this time around being the fireplace in the Print Room with its 18th century tiles, and the Skinner chair.

A bit of a mish-mash, period-wise, but I love the tiles


Not at all sure what this is supposed to be, a sort of duck-billed horse?

Details of the carving on late c17 chair made for Bishop Skinner, showing Actaeon being turned into a stag by Artemis

Here she is, looking quite fierce

Actaeon about to be eaten by his own hounds. Prince Albert once sat here, apparently

Detail of stone carving in awesome Great Oak Room

Red Lodge was a guest house when Elizabeth I came to stay at the Great House down the hill, where Colston Hall now stands. Nowadays it's a welcome retreat for people undergoing treatment or supporting loved ones through illness at the hospitals down the road.

FFI: Bristol City Council

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