Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Barbara Rae in London

Barbara Rae, Camino de la Noche, mixed media on canvas (artist copyright)
A rather dreary Bristol afternoon has just been livened up by news of a forthcoming Barbara Rae exhibition at Portland Gallery (near Green Park). If the catalogue is anything to go by, this show will repel anything the summer can throw at us.

Barbara Rae, Sanctuary, mixed media on canvas (artist copyright)
Rae is one of those fascinating painters whose work hovers between abstraction and representation. Is it a peculiarly British thing, this tendency to create abstract paintings in which a clear sense of place or reality remains? I'm thinking of Joan Eardley, Patrick Heron, Peter Lanyon...

Barbara Rae, Shoreline, mixed media on canvas (artist copyright)

The exhibition starts on 2nd June.

The works shown are part of the exhibition and are reproduced here in the spirit of 'spreading the word'. They of course remain Barbara Rae's copyright.

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