Thursday, 16 April 2020

Easy Listening! The Improbable Adventures of Edward Bawden

Welcome to my second podcast, made despite the sonic difficulties caused by sharing a house with a lively dog (woofing) and various humans aged 17 to... never mind (laughter, shrieks, sounds of conflict), and by living in the middle of a city. It's a lot quieter than normal, but not as quiet as a recording studio. Obviously. Anyway, if you would like to have a listen to 'The Improbable Adventures of Edward Bawden', here are some images to go with it...

Edward Bawden, Sahara wallpaper, c1928-30

Judith Schalansky, Atlas of the Remote Islands, 2009

Edward Bawden, Brochure for Imperial Airways, 1934

Edward Bawden, jacket design, 1928

Edward Bawden, Cairo - the Citadel, 1940 (Tate)

Edward Bawden, Mahammed Khalafalla, Omdurman, 1940 (IWM)

Edward Bawden, Scium Basci, Tesfalidet Ghidai: Polizia Africana Italianna, Asmara, 1941 (IWM)

Edward Bawden, The Artist's Tent, Mersah Matruh, 1942 (IWM)

Edward Bawden, Tobruk Harbour, 1942 (IWM)

Survivors from the RMS Laconia, 1942

Edward Bawden, Private Dunning, 1943, (IWM)

Edward Bawden, Palace & Govt Buildings, Hail, Arabia, 1944 (IWM)

Edward Bawden, View of the Tigris, Baghdad, 1943-44 (IWM)

Edward Bawden, A Priest, Yusef, & an Assyrian Officer, 1943-44 (IWM

Edward Bawden, Interior of Shaikh Muzhir al-Gassid's Mudhif, 1944 (IWM)

Edward Bawden, Shaikh Muzhir al-Gassid, 1944 (IWM)

Edward Bawden, Refugees at Udine, Italy, 1945 (IWM)

Edward Bawden, design for Gulliver's Travels, 1965

Edward Bawden, The Baghdad Showboat, 1944 (Govt Art Collection)

Friday, 3 April 2020

Easy Listening! Eric Ravilious: The Art of Looking

With all lectures cancelled for the foreseeable future, I thought I'd do something different and make a series of podcasts. Episode one is called Eric Ravilious: The Art of Looking:

Relevant images are posted below...

Eric Ravilious, Scrubbing Brush and Soap, 1915

Eric Ravilious, Cliffs in March, 1939 (lost)

Eric Ravilious, The Wilmington Giant, 1939

Eric Ravilious, The Yellow Funnel, 1939

Until next time!