Thursday, 21 May 2020

Easy Listening! Dear Old Thomas and Lucky Paul

I know we're not supposed to be thinking about World War One any more but I've never been very good at doing things at the right time... Actually I wrote a version of this podcast a few years ago as the first chapter of a proposed book. No, the book never did get written, but it's been fun revisiting this story... Happy listening!

Paul Nash, The Peacock Path, 1912

John Wheatley, Edward Thomas, 1916

The Artists' Rifles, feat. Frederick Leighton

Paul Nash, Lavengro & Isopel in the Dingle, 1912

William Blake Richmond

Grave of Paul and Margaret Nash, Langley, Bucks

Iver Heath

Boat-gate, Iver Heath

Paul Nash looking spruce, c1918

Paul Nash, Ruined Landscape, Old Battlefield, Vimy, 1917

Margaret Nash, nee Odeh


The Common, Chalfont St Peter

premises of Mrs Grieve, herbalist

Paul Nash, We are Making a New World, 1918

John Nash, The Cornfield, 1918

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