Friday, 30 October 2020

Laura Knight painting Eileen Mayo (1927)

This film of Laura Knight painting model Eileen Mayo was made by British Pathe in 1927, not long after Knight had been elected an Associate of the Royal Academy. I love how the charcoal drawing transforms miraculously into the almost-finished oil. Another painting of Mayo hangs on the wall among numerous other portraits. 

Mayo posed for other artists, notably Dod Procter, and was also an artist in her own right. Sadly for art lovers in the UK, she moved to Australia after World War II.


  1. I do not recall signing up for you but very pleased and amused by the Dame Laura Knight video.
    Many thanks
    Denise Wyllie

  2. favorite portrait artist. Her autobiography is one of the best books I’ve read too!

    1. I agree - she was an entertaining writer!