Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ravilious in Essex - the Map

I've started putting together a Google map of interesting locations mentioned in or connected to 'Ravilious in Pictures: A Country Life'. What next - an app?! I thought I might be able to put the map itself here but it's a bit beyond my technical skills, so you can find it here.


  1. Interesting - thanks James. All I need now are the pictures to go with the commentary!

    btl, down here in Ravilious Jnr country (North Devon, that is)

  2. A lovely part of the world - did you manage to see Familiar Visions at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne last summer? Great to see work by Ravilious father and son...

    'A Country Life' is out very soon - in fact I have a preview copy on my desk and the reproductions are wonderful as ever (I can't take any credit for that though, I'm afraid)

  3. It is indeed lovely. So lovely in fact that I very rarely leave! What 'being local' is all about.


    Sounds like a great exhibition though. What was the work shown by James, photos or other forms? I wonder if it could ever make it over to Beaford and the archive there?

    I recently came across someone who met Rav Jr a number of years ago, and said he was incredibly modest, and just gave him a few original photos for virtually nothing.

    Apparently he was a very good artist too, but came to photography partly because of not wanting to crowd in on his dad's legacy.