Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ravilious Talk Dates: Eastbourne, Rye & Devizes, St Brides & the V&A

I can't quite believe that I managed to cycle from Bradford-on-Avon to Devizes one day, and back the next, without getting rained on. There was one meteorological challenge on the way back, though, namely a brisk sou'westerly blowing gustily in my face. With my shorts acting like a pair of small but effective spinnakers I was propelled backwards almost as fast as my legs could pedal me forwards, and it was a great relief to arrive at Bradford and consume a battered sausage and chips from the excellent chippy next to the station.

The visit itself was great fun, with a close inspection of the Ravilious White Horse dummy at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum followed by an unscheduled tour of the museum's unrivalled library of books relating to the county and its treasures. My talk was in the most beautiful Regency (or Georgian?) ballroom at the Town Hall, and, once we'd resolved a microphone issue that made my voice sound as though it were emerging from the speaker of a badly tuned 1920s wireless, everything went well. There was even someone in the audience who knew Peggy Angus, as there seems to be in every audience of Ravilious fans... Great to meet David Dawson and catch up with David Inshaw.

Anyone who was disappointed to miss the Devizes talk (which sold out) should keep an eye out for a repeat performance, which may well take place in November. **

Meanwhile, you can now book tickets for upcoming events in Eastbourne and Rye, and at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Eastbourne event, where Alan Powers will also be giving an illustrated talk, is on Sunday 2nd Sept and is timed to commemorate the disappearance of Eric Ravilious off the coast of Iceland in 1942. Tickets are available HERE.

On Friday 21st Sept, as part of the Rye Arts Festival, I'll be talking about Ravilious and Paul Nash in relation to the countryside and coast nearby. Tickets and information HERE and do check out the rest of the programme, which looks great.

And on 17 November I'm joining Alan, Brian Webb and Gill Saunders at the V&A for an Eric Ravilious Study Day. Information and booking HERE

Finally, Eric Ravilious and lithography is the subject for a St Bride Library lecture on 5 December, with Joe Pearson and Alan Powers taking part. More info on booking for that one nearer the time, but you can always look at the St Bride website...

** PS The rematch of Ravilious and the White Horses of Wiltshire will take place on Sat 24 November - for details please contact the Wiltshire Heritage Museum.