Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ravilious in Devizes

Eric Ravilious, Train Landscape, 1939 (Aberdeen Art Gallery/DACS/Artist's Estate)
Stop Press: the event is now Sold Out!

I'm excited to be returning to the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes on Saturday 24 November to explore the subject of Eric Ravilious and chalk hill figures. As before I'll be talking about the fascinating White Horse Dummy (which featured in the New York Times), but otherwise I'm planning to make the event substantially different from last time. I'm intrigued by the wider investigation of Ancient Monuments by (loosely) Modern Artists between the wars, and by the fascination people seem to have had for chalk downland in those days.

I'm writing an article on the subject for British Archaeology magazine, so there will be plenty of new material as well as an opportunity to look at some of Ravilious's loveliest paintings (on a screen, if not 'in person'!). Hope to see you there...



  1. Wouldn't miss this. I'll be there.

  2. Great, Peter - do come and say hello!

  3. James, just wanted to say that I loved your talk at the V&A on Saturday - you were the best of the bunch and left me feeling really enthused and enlightened! I didn't stay for the whole day so didn't get to say hello, but I wanted to tell you thank you for the wonderful talk, and also to ask whether there is anything (affordable!) available on Tirzah Ravilious that I can read to find out more about her? I've looked everywhere I can think of but haven't come up with anything that's around for less than £100!! Thanks for any help you can give me! Rachel

  4. You're very kind, Rachel - wasn't the lecture theatre an amazing room? I kept finding myself staring at the ceiling!

    I'm afraid there are no affordable books on Tirzah, although there's a fantastic article about her online by Olive Cook. Otherwise I'm afraid it's a case of trying to find the new Fleece Press book in a library (or bumping off a wealthy great-aunt!)