Friday, 10 May 2013

The Big Apple at Blossomtime

Dark clouds above, cider within...
Having not been able to get to The Big Apple Blossomtime Festival in Putley (Herefordshire) last weekend I dug these photos of a previous visit out of the archive. The weather doesn't seem that different to now!

In the heart of perry country, a much-loved village hall.

Is it bigger on the inside?

An ironing board put to good use for once...

There's something about corrugated iron...

Is that a scene from a David Inshaw painting in the background?

Meanwhile, back at the Hall, the Leominster Morrismen enjoy the sunshine.

Love the violinist's jacket...

Pears for heirs - a lovely old perry pear tree growing within sight of May Hill, as they're supposed to.
You can find more about the Big Apple and similar festivals, not to mention a rather nice photo of the Leominster Morrismen in The Naked Guide to Cider.

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