Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Peggy Angus on Film

This film was shot just before the Private View of the Peggy Angus exhibition at Towner last week. You have to wait a while for David Dimbleby, but there are some great pictures of the show. Sara got to stand in front of the Sun and Moon wallpaper, which is most unfair.

The film was made by Bourne Iden TV.

Peggy was also featured in The Observer a couple of weeks ago; you can see the article by Rachel Cooke and accompanying slideshow on the Guardian website.

I'm back in Eastbourne on Saturday (19 July), giving an afternoon talk on Peggy's life and work... The weather forecast isn't very good for Saturday, so why not come and be entertained for an hour! Info here.

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  1. I went to the exhibition today, but sadly missed your talk as I had to be back in Lewes by 4.00. I was really impressed by the range of exhibits and although her work was of a variable quality, it was consistently enjoyable and made me want to start attacking my walls with potato prints.