Friday, 25 April 2014

Ravilious in Cambridge

Eric Ravilious, Geraniums and Carnations, 1938, Fry Art Gallery
Rather short notice, I'm afraid, but I'm giving a talk on the life and work of Eric Ravilious at Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge on Thursday evening (that's 1 May I believe).

I'll be covering the artist's career as a watercolourist, also bringing in his book illustrations (wood engraving and lithography) and other aspects of his design work. The aim as ever is to make the evening enjoyable and informative.

Have just realised that Art and Life is still on at Kettle's Yard, featuring work by some of my favourite artists, especially Ben and Winifred Nicholson and Christopher Wood. Slight quandary as I've promised to go and see the exhibition when it reaches Dulwich Picture Gallery later in May...

Winifred Nicholson, Summer, 1928, copyright The Trustees of Winifred Nicholson
OK, quandary solved, I'll just go twice.

Meanwhile, if you're in the Cambridge area and you want to see an impressive collection of Ravilious paintings, prints and ceramics, trot along to the Fry Art Gallery, Saffron Walden - but make sure they're open before you go!


  1. Art & Life is well worth 2 visits! Looking forward to your talk. Best wishes.

  2. Great - do come and say hello! All the best to you too.

  3. Anonymous29 May, 2014

    Hello James, my great aunt was Peggy Angus and I have an original, probably never been seen outside the family, painting of hers hanging in my house. Would you be interested in seeing a photo of it? I can send you my contact details if you'd like to see the picture.

  4. That would be great - my email address is on my profile page - thanks!